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How to make Google Nexus One as Wi-Fi hotspot

Google Nexus One smart phone can be used as Wi-Fi hotspot/Access Point.
Nexus One can be configured to behave as Wi-Fi hotspot/Access Point, so that other gadgets, laptops or PCs which have Wi-Fi enabled devices can connect to Nexus One and access internet.
One and only requirement you need to setup this is Mobile Data Connection.
Step 1) Goto Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Tethering & Portable hotspot.
Step 2) Check Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
Step 3) Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings option will be enabled. Check this option.
Step 4) Check Configure Wi-Fi hotspot option.
Step 5) Configure Wi-Fi hotspot page will be shown.
Step 6) Enter a name for your Wi-Fi, in Network SSID field.
Step 7) Select Security type for your Wi-Fi. Security type can be either Open or WPA2 PSK.
Step 8) If you select Security type as WPA2 PSK, then android will prompt for password to connect Wi-Fi.
Step 9) Save your Wi-Fi Configuratin.
Uncheck Portable Wi-Fi hotspot at step 2, to stop Nexus One behaving as Wi-Fi hotspot.