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Navigating between tabs in web browsers

Tabbed browsing is a new feature of latest web browsers and is termed as use of web browsers which allow multiple tabs (sub-windows) to be opened within the same browser window, each tab displaying a web-page.

All popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer (since version 7), Mozilla Firefox (since 2001), Safari (since 2003), Google Chrome (since 2008) and Opera (since 2000) supports tabbed browsing.

Following are Key Board Shortcut keys for Navigating between Tabs in Web Browsers:

Short Cut Key Action
Ctrl + t opens a new tab.
Ctrl + w closes current tab.
Ctrl + Tab to move forward between tabs.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab to move backward between tabs.
Ctrl + Click on any link will open linked page in new Tab.
(for Opera, use Shift+Click, linked page comes to front)
Ctrl + Shift + Click on any link will open linked page in new Tab, and bring to front.
In Opera linked page will open in background.
Ctrl+{tab number} to move onto a specific tab.
Ex: Ctrl + 3, control will move to third tab.
Ctrl + 1 control will move to first tab.
Where as in Safari and Opera, Ctrl + {Tab number} will open stored bookmarks in the order.
Ctrl+Tab for moving between tabs, works differently in Opera. Opera shows snapshot list of all titles in all tabs, user needs to click on title of tab.

Internet Explorer provides another short cut to move between tabs. Short key Ctrl+Q helps to view thumb images of all tabs present in a Browser window, and a click on any thumb image will give focus to that tab. In IE terminolgy this feature is named as ‘Quick Tabs’.