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BSNL 3G Settings for Google Nexus One

Google Nexus One is among one of the best smart phones available in Android segment.  Google is planning to release a mini version of Nexus One in India, with reduction in price as per Indian market.
If you are having Google Nexus One phone with you by any choice and if you took BSNL 3G connection here are
some of tips on how to get BSNL 3G enabled on your Google Nexus One phone.
Goto Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names
If no APN is defined till now, your screen will be blank.
Click on Menu(second button from left) button on your Google Nexus One and selecte New APN.
Give following details:m
Name: bsnlnet
APN: bsnlnet
MCC: 404
MNC: 73
Authentication Type: None
Leave all other fields to their default values.
Click on Back button, and enable APN setting defined just now.
All Set :)
You will be able to see 3G  icon in notification bar in couple of seconds. If 3G icon is not coming even after waiting 5 minutes, switch of your nexus one and switch on it.
Make sure ‘Data Enabled‘ is turned on in Settings ->  Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks screen.
Here is a screen shot of settings for New APN.