How to make Google Nexus One as Wi-Fi hotspot

Google Nexus One smart phone can be used as Wi-Fi hotspot/Access Point.
Nexus One can be configured to behave as Wi-Fi hotspot/Access Point, so that other gadgets, laptops or PCs which have Wi-Fi enabled devices can connect to Nexus One and access internet.
One and only requirement you need to setup this is Mobile Data Connection.
Step 1) Goto Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Tethering & Portable hotspot.
Step 2) Check Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
Step 3) Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings option will be enabled. Check this option.
Step 4) Check Configure Wi-Fi hotspot option.
Step 5) Configure Wi-Fi hotspot page will be shown.
Step 6) Enter a name for your Wi-Fi, in Network SSID field.
Step 7) Select Security type for your Wi-Fi. Security type can be either Open or WPA2 PSK.
Step 8) If you select Security type as WPA2 PSK, then android will prompt for password to connect Wi-Fi.
Step 9) Save your Wi-Fi Configuratin.
Uncheck Portable Wi-Fi hotspot at step 2, to stop Nexus One behaving as Wi-Fi hotspot.

BSNL 3G Settings for Google Nexus One

Google Nexus One is among one of the best smart phones available in Android segment.  Google is planning to release a mini version of Nexus One in India, with reduction in price as per Indian market.
If you are having Google Nexus One phone with you by any choice and if you took BSNL 3G connection here are
some of tips on how to get BSNL 3G enabled on your Google Nexus One phone.
Goto Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names
If no APN is defined till now, your screen will be blank.
Click on Menu(second button from left) button on your Google Nexus One and selecte New APN.
Give following details:m
Name: bsnlnet
APN: bsnlnet
MCC: 404
MNC: 73
Authentication Type: None
Leave all other fields to their default values.
Click on Back button, and enable APN setting defined just now.
All Set :)
You will be able to see 3G  icon in notification bar in couple of seconds. If 3G icon is not coming even after waiting 5 minutes, switch of your nexus one and switch on it.
Make sure ‘Data Enabled‘ is turned on in Settings ->  Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks screen.
Here is a screen shot of settings for New APN.

Navigating between tabs in web browsers

Tabbed browsing is a new feature of latest web browsers and is termed as use of web browsers which allow multiple tabs (sub-windows) to be opened within the same browser window, each tab displaying a web-page.

All popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer (since version 7), Mozilla Firefox (since 2001), Safari (since 2003), Google Chrome (since 2008) and Opera (since 2000) supports tabbed browsing.

Following are Key Board Shortcut keys for Navigating between Tabs in Web Browsers:

Short Cut Key Action
Ctrl + t opens a new tab.
Ctrl + w closes current tab.
Ctrl + Tab to move forward between tabs.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab to move backward between tabs.
Ctrl + Click on any link will open linked page in new Tab.
(for Opera, use Shift+Click, linked page comes to front)
Ctrl + Shift + Click on any link will open linked page in new Tab, and bring to front.
In Opera linked page will open in background.
Ctrl+{tab number} to move onto a specific tab.
Ex: Ctrl + 3, control will move to third tab.
Ctrl + 1 control will move to first tab.
Where as in Safari and Opera, Ctrl + {Tab number} will open stored bookmarks in the order.
Ctrl+Tab for moving between tabs, works differently in Opera. Opera shows snapshot list of all titles in all tabs, user needs to click on title of tab.

Internet Explorer provides another short cut to move between tabs. Short key Ctrl+Q helps to view thumb images of all tabs present in a Browser window, and a click on any thumb image will give focus to that tab. In IE terminolgy this feature is named as ‘Quick Tabs’.

Simplify search in Gmail

Like how we search on Google for information, you can even search in your Gmail account for email messages.

Google search tips are provided in one of my earlier posts.

Following are some search tips for Gmail messages.

Searching based on E-Mail Headers:

a) use to:{emailid} or to:{contactname} for searching emails that you sent for a specific person.
Ex: or to:chetan
b) use from:{emailid} or from:{contactname} for searching emails that are from a specific person.
Ex: or from:San
c) use subject:{text} for searching emails which has subject
Ex: subject:resume
will list out all emails which have subject resume.
Similarly you can search for bcc: or cc:

Searching for Attachments:

a) use has:attachment , to search all email messages which have attachments attached to them.
b) use filename:doc , to search for email messages with attachments and the attachment file name contains doc.
c) you can combine both searches.
Ex: has:attachment filename:pdf

Searching based on Date:

Searching based on date requires you to put date format in yyyy/mm/dd
a) after:2009/02/09 will search for all emails after 09 Feb 2009, but not on the date.
b) before:2009/02/09 will search for all emails that came before 09 Feb 2009, but not on the date.

Boolean operators can also be used while searching in Gmail.
Ex: to:Dany subject:(stocks|news)
above search query searches for emails which are sent to Dany and with subject messages either stocks or news.

Gmail searching by default excludes Trash and Spam messages, if you want to include these folders, use in:anywhere with your search query.
Ex: from:Dany in:anywhere

One letter .biz domains on sale


Out of 111 million no-country specific domains 82 million are .com registered domains as of today as per DailyChanges, rest is split among .info, .org, .biz, .net. If you have .biz domain or want to have a new one it is time to do some marketing tactic on the initial go itself.

To the surprise reserved single character/numeric domains of .biz, total of 36 domains (26 letter and 0-9 digits) are to be auctioned by Sedo on September 23 at 12noon EST, the only source for one character .biz domains. If you have dreams of becoming owner of which is rare and potential domain, click here.

The .BIZ One-Character Auction:
Start Date:September 23rd 2009 at 12 PM EST
End Date: approximately on September 30th 2009 at 12 PM EST.

Following are list of available one character .biz domains:

Let us wait and watch, which of above domains will be bidded with higher amount.

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