One letter .biz domains on sale


Out of 111 million no-country specific domains 82 million are .com registered domains as of today as per DailyChanges, rest is split among .info, .org, .biz, .net. If you have .biz domain or want to have a new one it is time to do some marketing tactic on the initial go itself.

To the surprise reserved single character/numeric domains of .biz, total of 36 domains (26 letter and 0-9 digits) are to be auctioned by Sedo on September 23 at 12noon EST, the only source for one character .biz domains. If you have dreams of becoming owner of which is rare and potential domain, click here.

The .BIZ One-Character Auction:
Start Date:September 23rd 2009 at 12 PM EST
End Date: approximately on September 30th 2009 at 12 PM EST.

Following are list of available one character .biz domains:

Let us wait and watch, which of above domains will be bidded with higher amount.

If I am the bidder will bet on,, and

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