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Google it – Few Search Tips

In today’s web world, you can’t imagine a day without searching on Google. Here are some of the tips that will be useful while searchig with Google.

1) To get current time in any city anywhere in the world. Simply type time <cityname>
   Ex: time hyderabad or time sanfrancisco

2) Google’s search box can be used as calculator. Simply type calculation you want, and click on search, you will be presented with result.
   Ex: (5+4)/2*25/23*12.23=
3) To know more about recent earthquake activity around the world. Simply type ‘earthquake’ in searchbox. If you want earthquake of a city, type earthquake <cityname>.
  Ex:  earthquake tokyo 

4) Google can also be used to convert between Unit of Measurements.
   Type “20m in ft” you will get the answer.
   Ex: 130 sq yds in sq ft or 130 sq yds to sq ft

5) To find definition of any word. Simply Type define:<word>, you will get definitions of the word from online dictionaries across web.
   Ex: define:web or define:change or define:information

6) Google also provides currency conversion information. Type “100INR to USD” in search box. You will be presented with conversion result.
   Ex: 100 GBP to USD

7) Looking for a map of any city. Type city name followed by keyword ‘map’.
   Ex: Hyderabad map
   Mountain View map

8 ) To find related sites that have similar content. Type related: followed by <site name>.

9) Google ignores common words such as and, or, the, what, who etc. If you want common word to be included in search, use ‘+’ sign followed by common word.
   Ex: Obama +and socialist

10) If you don’t want certain words to come in your search results, just put ‘-‘ sign before the word, then google excludes this word from search result.
    Ex: obama -twitter

11) By putting phrases(“”) around any word, you can restrict google search for exact word and in the same order.
    Ex: “Barack Obama”
    In search results, whole word “Barack Obama” will be high lighted. If you remove phrases then you will see search results containing either Barack or Obama or both words.

12) Google search allows you to search in a particular site. use keyword ‘site:’ for this purpose.
    <searchword> site:<sitename>
    Ex: Obama
    will search for word ‘Obama’ in
    Ex: twitter
    will search in all indian sites for word ‘twitter’.
13) If you are webmaster or site owner and want to know, how many URLs of your site are indexed by Google, use site keyword followed by your site name.

14) And last but not least simply type your name or name of the person you just met in Google search box. You will be presented with web page search results of that person.

Tips on Crawling and Indexing sites with Google

Whether you have website or blog or portal, your intention is let the people know about your content.

How to let people know about content on your website or blog or portal. Submitting a sitemap to searchengines helps them to crawl site and present content in their search results. But how better your site is getting indexed or crawled by search engines, depends on how accurate and efficient your sitemap is.

Google provides some tips on how to optimize crawling and indexing.

1) Remove User Specific URLs
— Remove session id’s or user id’s or post id’s from your URLs that don’t change content.
2) Disallow actions that Google bot can’t perform
— Use your robots.txt file to stop crawling of dynamic pages or user entry forms like login page, contact form etc.
3) One to One mapping between URL and Content
—  Make sure URLs point to single piece of content. Never point multiple URLs to same content. This case often
occurs in CMS. Use rel attribute if it is difficult to do so.

Go through following presentation by Google Webmasters to know more.
Optimize Crawling and Indexing

Reference: Optimize Crawling and Indexing

Orkut Promote

Google introduces new feature called ‘Orkut Promote’ on their social networking site Orkut.

Inspired by news promotion techniques from popular social networking sites,  google introduced Orkut Promote, where in users can promote news, photos and videos across their friend’s network. Promoted content can be spreaded or reshared by friends of users across their friend circles.

In this way without paying single penny users of Orkut can promote their likes and dislikes across Orkut platform.


Promoted content can also be deleted by other users, to not to show on their profile, if they do not like it.

Orkut Promote also provides tracking information to monitor how far their promoted content reached among Orkut users.

Watch this video on youtube to learn how to use Orkut Promote

Get Excerpt with Thumbnail Image – WordPress Plug-in

Get Excerpt with Thumbnail images is a simple wordpress plugin. It gives thumbnail image, excerpt and title of WordPress post, in the form PHP array. It is upto the developer how he can display these info on his web page.

Simple to use Get Excerpts with Thumbnail plugin uses meta data of wordpress post, to retrieve thumbnail image. It also uses another plug-in named Content Extract by Rob Shumann, to retrieve excerpt from POST. You need install Content Extract plugin before start working with this plugin.

Inspite of having found numerous plugins to get excerpts along with thumbnail images in WordPress plugin directory. I have written this plugin to reduce number of requests that are made to MySQL database while fetching data.

== Installation ==
Install Content Extract by Rob Shumann, before installing this plugin.
The plugin is simple to install:

1. Download the zip file, from wordpress plugin directory
2. Unpack the zip.
3. Extract zip file and upload directory present in zip file to the `wp-content/plugins` directory on your WordPress installation.
4. Activate plugin
5. Go to Settings -> Get Excerpt with Thumbnail page, to change configuration for the plug-in.

Configuration of Plug-in:

Goto Settings -> Get Excerpt With Thumbnail link in your wordpress admin page.
Following four elements need to be configured.
1) Thumbnail CSS Class -> this is .css class name to be used by this plug-in. By default, CSS class name is displayed as ‘imgstyle’, change this to your desired class name and make sure it is defined in .css file of your wordpress theme.
2) More Text -> link that appears next to excerpt to read full post.
3) Post Length -> Inspite of reading entire post to retrieve excerpt, plugin just reads number of characters entered by you in this field.
Note: Once an excerpt is generated by this plugin, it will be stored in excerpt field of your wordpress post.
4) Excerpt Length -> Length of excerpt to be displayed.
Note: Always make suer Post Length is greater than or equal to Excerpt Length.

Sample usage of this plugin:

while (have_posts()) {
$data = getExcerptsWithThumbnail();
echo $data[‘post_thumbnail’] . ‘<h5>’ . $data[‘post_title’] . ‘</h5>’ . $data[‘post_excerpt’] ;

In above code snippet,
you can see getExcerptsWithThumbnail() function returns an array.
code snippet uses <h5> tag to display title of the post, you can use any of the style you want, for the presentation of thumbnail image along with excerpt.

Screen shot of the plugin, when Thumbnail Image position is used as ‘float:left’


Screen shot of plugin, when Thumbnail Image position is used as ‘float:right’


Get Excerpt with Thumbnail plugin just gives data, presentation of this data on theme pages is left to theme developer.

Reference: see category or tag pages on to check how this plugin is used.

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