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How to Save Battery Power or Life on android phones – Nexus One, Motorola Droid

The Android operation system, an open architecture offering features and functionality that threatens to blow away other mobile operating systems in market. All these major features can drain your battery very quickly. So to get better battery life we users of andriod operating system need to be act intelligently.

To save battery power or life, we need to keep in mind, ‘Use only when needed’.

Following are few tips to save battery power life:

1) Reduce your display brightness.

Go to Settings -> Display -> Brightness.

Touch Brightness and reduce to suit your needs.

2) Use Wi-Fi when needed.

Go to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Wi – Fi

uncheck wi-fi option, to turn off wi-fi

check wi-fi option, when you need it again.

3) Use Bluetooth when needed.

Go to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Bluetooth

uncheck Bluetooth option, to turn off Bluetooth

check Bluetooth option, when you need it again.

4)   Use 2G mobile network, when hi-speed data network is not required.

Go to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile Networks -> Use only 2G networks

check ‘Use only 2G networks’ to enable 2G mobile network.

uncheck ‘Use only 2G networks’  to use 3G mobile network.

5) Use GPS when needed.

Go to Settings -> Locaiton & Security -> Use GPS satellites

Uncheck ‘Use GPS satellites’ to turn off GPS.

Check ‘Use GPS Satellites’ to turn of GPS.

How to Uninstall applications from android phones – Nexus One, Motorola Droid

If you are bored with applications installed on your android phone or you do not like it or you got a better applicaion than current one, then there is no choice except to uninstall that application from your andriod phone.

How to uninstall applications from android phone ?
There is no direct shortcut provided by android OS to uninstall applications. Following are some of tips to uninstall applications.

1) Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications.

In this page you can see all downloaded applications on your phone. Touch application name you will be presented with Applicaion Info page, where in you can see ‘Uninstall’ button.

2) Go to android market, and search for application you installed earlier. Click on application, you will be presented with ‘uninstall’ button.
This standard way of uninstalling application presents you a feedback page asking reason for uninstalling application.

3) Android market has plenty of applications which ‘uninstall’, intalled applications on your andriod phone.

‘Fast Uninstaller is one of best application for this choice.
‘Fast uninstaller lists applications installed, with date and size. you can simply select application and click ‘OK’ button.
Application will be uninstalled no hassle of presenting with feedback page.

3) Following are some of few other easy uninstall applications present in andriod market.

a) Quick Installer
b) AppRemover

Turn your android phone, iPhone into a scanner

Present generation smart phones such as android phones,  iPhones and all otherwindows Mobiles can be turned as Scanners.
If you are on travel and want to scan a page/photo and send it to somebody. Instead of searching for scanner around the place you can simply use your smartphone such as Motorola DROID, Google Nexus One, Apple iPhone to scan documents.
This trick works if you install an application called ‘Scan2PDF‘ on your phone.
‘Scan2PDF‘ is a brilliant application, which scans any document provided your phone is equipped with camera with more than 1 Mega Pixel. After scanning you can convert it to PDF and can even mail.
‘Scan2PDF’ is available in Andriod Market and iPhone App Store. Very soon it will be available for Blackberry phones also.
Free version of Scan2PDF writes a watermark on scanned documents,  still it is a better choice as it saves us from searching a Scanner/Photocopier/Fax machine.
Ofcourse there is a paid version also.
More information how to use Scan2PDf is present at

AIRCEL 3G Settings for Google Nexus One

Google Nexus One is among one of the best smart phones available in Android segment.
Following are some of tips on how to enable Aircel GPRS on Google Nexus One phone.
Goto Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names
If no APN is defined till now, your screen will be blank.
Click on Menu(second button from left) button on your Google Nexus One and selecte New APN.
Give following details:
Name: aircelgprs
APN: aircelgprs
MCC: 405
MNC: 801
Authentication Type: None
Leave all other fields to their default values.
Click on Back button, and enable APN setting defined just now.
All Set :)
Make sure ‘Data Enabled’ is turned on in Settings ->  Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks screen.

How to make Google Nexus One as Wi-Fi hotspot

Google Nexus One smart phone can be used as Wi-Fi hotspot/Access Point.
Nexus One can be configured to behave as Wi-Fi hotspot/Access Point, so that other gadgets, laptops or PCs which have Wi-Fi enabled devices can connect to Nexus One and access internet.
One and only requirement you need to setup this is Mobile Data Connection.
Step 1) Goto Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Tethering & Portable hotspot.
Step 2) Check Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
Step 3) Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings option will be enabled. Check this option.
Step 4) Check Configure Wi-Fi hotspot option.
Step 5) Configure Wi-Fi hotspot page will be shown.
Step 6) Enter a name for your Wi-Fi, in Network SSID field.
Step 7) Select Security type for your Wi-Fi. Security type can be either Open or WPA2 PSK.
Step 8) If you select Security type as WPA2 PSK, then android will prompt for password to connect Wi-Fi.
Step 9) Save your Wi-Fi Configuratin.
Uncheck Portable Wi-Fi hotspot at step 2, to stop Nexus One behaving as Wi-Fi hotspot.